Soon to be College Graduates Fear Unemployment

Words By: Jamani Elston Freshman year feels like it was just yesterday: from moving into your dorm room and attending your first ‘Set Friday’, it was not too long ago. For four years you have stressed over finals, and stayed up all night studying, because you knew the degree at the end would be worth […]

Plan an Adventurous Summer in Tallahassee

Words By: Jamani Elston   After a long stressful semester of assignments, tests, labs and papers, a vacation is well needed. Tallahassee may not seem like a vacation spot for most, but there are many adventures that can be found. Pierre Touze, a junior biology pre-med student from West Palm Beach, Fla., plans on staying […]

The Plight of the Black Man

Words By: Melissa Poux-Williams According to, Marshawn McCarrell played a large role in the Black Lives Matter movement arranging protests in honor of slain teen Michael Brown and providing food to the needy communities. When McCarrell shot himself in Ohio on Feb. 8, 2016, it stunned everyone who knew him. McCarrell’s suicide prompted so […]