By: Peterson Andre

March is here and that only entails one thing on the minds of college students: spring break season is almost here. Students have been pondering over spring break destinations since the semester began and each year these trips become more creative and exciting.

Panama City Beach, Fla. known as the “spring break capital of the world,” according to is where most Florida A&M University students go to get away from the all night study sessions and the ridiculously long tests. Breakers can enjoy jet skies, beach parties, and indoor pool parties. According to, Half a million people attended PCB last year. Mark Mayo, senior pre-occupational therapy student from Tampa, Fla. has frequented Panama City Beach.

“I’ve been there three years straight. I had fun each time. You have to go with the right people in order for the trip to be enjoyable,” Mayo said.  

Panama City Beach, Fla. was swarmed with controversy last spring break season after a video showed a woman allegedly being sexually assaulted by two men on the beach went viral.  

Bay County Sheriff’s office was outraged when the video showed that there were bystanders who didn’t intervene. The story became national news after being aired by CNN.

As a result, the beach rules have changed and spring breakers aren’t allowed to drink or bring open containers on the beach anymore. This can affect the overall attendance, as breakers seemingly partake in drinking on the beach.


Even though beaches are typical vacation spots, some students prefer tall buildings, cold weather and ridiculous traffic-conditions that are usually found in the North. New York isn’t the first place on anyone’s list of spring break destinations but some may believe that it might just be the most unique place to visit.

“New York, the Big Apple, that’s my ideal place,” said Kinsley Telusme, senior business student from Palm Beach, Fla. “Some might not agree with me, but New York is a great place to sightsee, plus I don’t mind the cold weather or the traffic, I’ll just take the subway.”

Some New Yorkers will tell you, there is no way to highlight this complex city in just one visit. There are so many options, which makes this city all the more enticing. Breakers can visit Ellis Island, Ground Zero, Central Park, and Times Square.   

Times Square is famous for its New Year’s Eve ball drop celebration, but this is a great place for breakers to visit the Empire State building, stroll through Central Park, catch a game at Madison Square Garden, or listen to renowned musical artists at Carnegie Hall. Ellis island is located in the Upper New York Bay, home to one of the most prestige’s monuments in the United States Statue of Liberty. Visitors can take a short ferry ride from Battery Park to view the statue.

In recent years, South Beach has become a popular spring break spot for students, despite already being a prominent vacation destination.  It is known for it’s wonderful weather, striking water and sand. According to the Miami Herald, South Beach is No. 20 on the top 20 spring break spots for college students, but can easily be No. 1 if not for the pricing factor.

South Beach is home to many famous restaurants, whether it’s Fat Tuesday, Sugar Factory or Wet Willies, all providing an extended variety of food and drinks students can enjoy.


Fat Tuesday and Wet Willies are known for their frozen daiquiris, that are sure to leave a tropical, yet tantalizing taste in your mouth. Fat Tuesday’s specialty drink, “190 Octane” is a mix of vodka, orange juice, white rum, and sugar. “Call a Cab” is Wet Willie’s strongest drink, according to the restaurant’s website. Breakers would also be able enjoy an ocean view as both of these restaurants are located near beach.

“I think Miami is the spot this year. That’s where I’m going because I want to go to the 2K Life Pool Party. Also I heard last year South Beach was lit,” said Rodney Eugene , a senior business administration student from Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

While Panama is experiencing changes, New York is busy as ever and South Beach is gaining steam. Spring break begins on March 7 for FAMU students.

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