Crawl for a Cause Returns to Tallahassee Midtown

By: DeVante Webb

(Photo by: GFWC Website)

Nearly 300 people engaged in free beers, food and laughs with friends and local community members in Midtown Tallahassee last Saturday.

The General Federation of Woman’s Club Junior Woman’s Club of Midtown kicked off their fourth annual Crawl for a Cause on Feb. 27.

Participants who arrived to the event were given a drawstring bag, after showing proper identification, with event keepsakes and a lanyard connected to an event map of which restaurants and bars would be participating. 

The map guided participants on their “beer crawl” as they made their way around Midtown Tallahassee.

In order to take part in the fundraiser, participants paid $27, which allowed the participants to receive free beer and two free meals from the bars and restaurants involved in the event.

Money raised from this year’s fundraiser is being donated to the Oasis Center for Women & Girls. According to the GWFC Junior Woman’s Club of Midtown website, the Oasis Center for Women and Girls are committed to improving the lives of women and girls through celebration and support.

“They focus on personal, professional, and economic concerns facing women, girls and their families,” the website said. “They are committed to addressing these issues individually through the provision of direct services and collectively through community dialogue and awareness.”

The profits from this year’s event will help the Oasis Center successfully fundraise a summer program for the young girls involved in the camp.

Secretary of the GFWC and fundraising chair of the Crawl for a Cause, Liesl Voges said they sold 275 tickets last years and was happy to reach that goal again this time around.

“We were able to raise $7,000 last year and are excited to see what this year’s crowd can bring in,” Voges said.

The major appeal of the event was being able to raise money for a non-profit organization and give back to members of the community all while partaking in something as fun as walking around and drinking free beer with friends.

Kathryn Rippee, Vice-President of the GFWC and head chair for Crawl for a Cause, was pleased with the events turnout after the first hour of getting started.

“My expectation for this event every year is just to get the community to have a good time while being involved for something that will benefit an even better cause,” Rippee said.

“My favorite part of this fundraiser is the diversity. It’s a great feeling seeing members from all over the community coming out and showing their support for what we are trying to achieve,” she went on.

The GFWC selects a different non-profit organization every year to donate the money raised towards.

“For the most part we don’t really look for thing to change aside from marketing techniques, which are geared towards which non-profit we are supporting. We learn as we grow with this and so far it seems to be continuously working for us,” Rippee said.

The event closed with one participant walking away with the grand prize from the club’s raffle and the club walking away with another successful year of raising money for a well-deserved cause.

The GFWC Junior Woman’s Club can be contacted at


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