The Planned Parenthood Struggle

The Struggles for Planned Parenthood (Photo: Tallahassee Democrat) Words by: Amber Jones Jamie Smith* will never forget the day her life changed drastically. On May 17, 2012 she woke up at 4 a.m. restless, with sweaty palms, constant nausea and the worst headache she’d ever experienced. These symptoms preceded one of her most intense life […]

Biologically Destined For Greatness

By: DeVante Webb One woman’s destiny to be a scientist further led her to make history in the United Sates and shaped her plans for other aspiring African American scientists in the country. Dr. Edith Davis  is but a small microcosm in what is identified as a minuscule number of African American women in science. […]

Unity in the Community: The Return of Harambee

Harambee Festival Inspires ‘Unity In The Community’ By: Porsha Sharon (Photo: DeVante Webb/Journey magazine) Florida A&M University hosted the 2016 Harambee Festival at Cascades Park Sunday. Tallahassee residents gathered in celebration of Black History Month for a day of music, spoken word, and African culture. The Harambee Festival was created to “inspire unity in the community.” […]

Student Supreme Court Holds a Pre-trial to Discuss the Spring 2016 Election Scandal

By: Beraiah Baker During a Florida A&M University student senate meeting, senators were urged by a concerned student to seek a ruling from the Supreme Court. The students concerns regarded the voting procedures practiced at the College of Law precinct during the Spring 2016 election, with special regards the to  Student Government Association President and Vice-President […]

Why the Apple and FBI feud Matters

Apple and FBI Engaged in Epic Privacy Battle By: Courtney Winfrey The United States Government has gotten into what many think will be a long and tedious court battle over privacy with Apple, Inc. The Federal Bureau of Investigation was recently successful in getting a court order demanding the tech company’s assistance in unlocking the […]

Whale of a Sale

Junior League of Tallahassee holds 42nd annual Whale of a Sale By: DeVante Webb (Photo: Junior League of Tallahassee Website) The Junior League of Tallahassee hosted their 42nd annual Whale of a Sale Preview Party event at The Centre of Tallahassee on Friday. The Whale of a Sale is an event that allowed residents to come […]

Beer Crawling for a Cause

Crawl for a Cause Returns to Tallahassee Midtown By: DeVante Webb (Photo by: GFWC Website) Nearly 300 people engaged in free beers, food and laughs with friends and local community members in Midtown Tallahassee last Saturday. The General Federation of Woman’s Club Junior Woman’s Club of Midtown kicked off their fourth annual Crawl for a Cause […]