[Fashion] “Splash”

[espro-slider id=1037]    Models: Dei’Ja Martin  & Troyia Hardy Photographer: Jocelyn Brantley Photo Editor: Braxton White

Feeling EnTIDALed?

By: Ayanna Zulu Tidal is an artist-owned music streaming service free of advertisement that provides high-quality streaming for a reasonable, monthly price of $9.99. When rapper Jay Z launched Tidal with co-owners Beyonce, Rihanna and Kanye West, he provided an opportunity for artists earn fair compensation for their music. Before the Tidal wave, there was […]

Student Arranges first Black Out Loud Week

By: Beraiah Baker Soladeen Hamilton, a sophomore psychology student from Tampa, Fla. was moved after learning about the death of Sandra Bland this summer. He knew that he had to do something for the campus of Florida A&M University. Hamilton began to brainstorm ideas of how he could empower students about their culture when he returned […]

Black Artists and their Portrayal in the Media

By: DeVante Webb Hip-hop has been around since the 1970s, but the art and culture of it has definitely changed since then. In this era, artists are glorified if they are degrading women and/or have a criminal record. This happens so much that it is expected to come with a new artist. This generation of […]

Things to do on your Perfect spring break destination

By: Peterson Andre March is here and that only entails one thing on the minds of college students: spring break season is almost here. Students have been pondering over spring break destinations since the semester began and each year these trips become more creative and exciting. Panama City Beach, Fla. known as the “spring break […]

FSU Plans to Build a School for Entrepreneurship 

By: Leah Wilson In efforts to birth more business owners, Florida State University recently received a $100 million donation from the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship.  This donation will be used to create the FSU School of Entrepreneurship.  The purpose of the donation is to expand outreach and support services provided by the Jim […]

The Planned Parenthood Struggle

The Struggles for Planned Parenthood (Photo: Tallahassee Democrat) Words by: Amber Jones Jamie Smith* will never forget the day her life changed drastically. On May 17, 2012 she woke up at 4 a.m. restless, with sweaty palms, constant nausea and the worst headache she’d ever experienced. These symptoms preceded one of her most intense life […]

Biologically Destined For Greatness

By: DeVante Webb One woman’s destiny to be a scientist further led her to make history in the United Sates and shaped her plans for other aspiring African American scientists in the country. Dr. Edith Davis  is but a small microcosm in what is identified as a minuscule number of African American women in science. […]

Unity in the Community: The Return of Harambee

Harambee Festival Inspires ‘Unity In The Community’ By: Porsha Sharon (Photo: DeVante Webb/Journey magazine) Florida A&M University hosted the 2016 Harambee Festival at Cascades Park Sunday. Tallahassee residents gathered in celebration of Black History Month for a day of music, spoken word, and African culture. The Harambee Festival was created to “inspire unity in the community.” […]

Student Supreme Court Holds a Pre-trial to Discuss the Spring 2016 Election Scandal

By: Beraiah Baker During a Florida A&M University student senate meeting, senators were urged by a concerned student to seek a ruling from the Supreme Court. The students concerns regarded the voting procedures practiced at the College of Law precinct during the Spring 2016 election, with special regards the to  Student Government Association President and Vice-President […]