Journey’s Passion Playlist

A wise person once says, “If you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready,” so the Journey staff compiled a list of the best songs for your library that’ll set the mood and keep the mood going for a seductive and satisfying night of passion. Easy to Love x Natalie Lauren Made for Me […]

Love & Relationships Poetry: Loving a Black Man

Words By: Vonkeisha Gibson Your head upon my thighs, it seems to be the safe haven for the loud beliefs Beliefs of you always being second Beliefs of you having to live up to American standards Beliefs of you being God himself My thighs let you rest Post-Traumatic-Slave-Disorder bow down to my affirmations for your […]

Love & Relationships Poetry: Love

Words by: Vonkeisha Gibson  The tides were far too high, we waited too long to address the rising waters On the edge, waiting on you to say something Or at least signal me to disappear….save myself We’ll both drown here together, I heard you say it…you didn’t have to say it I’ll only find you […]

A Free Pass: The Exploration of Athletic Privilege

Words By: Jason Maxwell There have been a great deal of instances in the past year alone where notable athletes have committed a crime and were able to avoid severe punishment. Athletic privilege is a stigma that seems to escape societal discussions but is becoming more prevalent at every level for athletes today. In Tallahassee, […]

FAMU Students Sound Off on the Flint Water Crisis

Words By: Chazre Hill You turn on your water to give your baby a bath. The water is light brown, the color of brewed tea, and gives off a strong odor. But your infant needs to be cleaned so you decide to use the water anyway. After daily usage of this water, your baby begins […]

Beyonce Breaks the Internet With Her New Single

Words By: Jamani Elston On the eve of her performance on the Super Bowl stage, singer Beyoncé Knowles surprisingly released a bold video that demonstrated her activist side with a powerful pro-Black message. The video for her new hit single, “Formation”, reaches out to the Black community and displays that Knowles is very much aware […]