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Since her controversial album in 2010 New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh), singer and songwriter Erykah Badu launched a new mixtape But You Cain’t Use My Phone November 27. Badu’s consistent authenticity and love for music ensures that she always finds a creative and amusing way to grasp the ears her listeners. The 44-year-old artist was able to construct head bouncing tracks that helped people to reminisce on songs that they have already loved and new songs that they have become new personal favorites for listeners

The 2015 Motown Records mixtape contains 11 soulful melodies that carries an unswerving gesture of using a phone. Badu  uses lyrics from her hit number one hit song Call Tyrone from the 1997 album Live as well as other recycled lyrics from phone- related songs such as Mr. Telephone Man by New Edition. With the help from featured artist Andre 3000, Badu invested time to recycled lyrics from both hit songs On & On and Tyrone.

Erykah Badu in Fendi

In an interview with Pitchfork, Badu told them that “Hotling Bling” by Drake was what influenced her to record the mixtape

“It was Drake’s song that helped me reboot the music hard drive inside of me,” Badu said.

Since the 1997 appearance of Baduizm, The soulful queen has produced a wide range of music that has cultivated a multitude of fans who have all worked vigorously toward decoding her complex lyricism.

Jaylen Smith, a junior business administration student from Pensacola, Fla. enjoyed the album from start to finish.

“Badu really did her thing with this one. I had it on replay in the car, and I was just so impressed with how she turned something that could have been conveyed so simple, and made it magic,” Smith said

Badu also told the Fader that this Mixtape revived her musically.

Erykah Badu at the Breakfast Club Morning Show

“I think it’s a whole new frequency for the planet and I just wanted to do it because it’s inspiring me to write my new album—it’s kind of like the buffer in between,” Badu said.

The songs What’s Your Phone Number/Telephone, Phone Down, You Used to Call Me feat. Drake, and Hello feat. Andre 3000 had to be my absolute favorite songs on the mixtape. Badu’s musical craft is out of this world and because of her perplex play on words and beats. It’s extremely likely for me to rewind, replay, and even place a song on repeat to grasp what she is saying.  Her lyrical messages are meaningful and I strongly believe our generation needs more artist like Badu.

Badu has strategically placed herself on the top of many charts with amazing songs, and with her unexpected productions there will always be something in store, and something to expect from this outstanding Lyrical Queen.

Erykah Badu’s Lead Single “Phone Down” via YouTube


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