[LIFE&STYLE]: What Happened to Freeze Tag?

Words by: Amanda Jean-Mary Remember the days when you were five, playing in the dirt to find worms and caterpillars, only to scream when they crawled towards you? What about the times you would run around and catch butterflies and stare at them through the glass as if they were your best friends. What about the […]

Journey Meets Omarion

Omarion swung by Florida A&M University on Dec. 3 for the Strike-Out Showcase hosted by SGA. Journey had a chance to sit down with the famous R&B singer. Here are some photos:

[ART SPREAD] Where The Wild Things Are

Journey magazine has a Fashion Spread and an Art Spread in this issue, for the first time ever. This spread: Where The Wild Things Are, is the first art spread in Journey history, and we hope you enjoy.