Journey’s “Fashion Vault” hosts an unforgettable night at Recess Night Club 

Words By: Alfonso E. Barber

As the title of the occasion suggested, Recess nightclub was unquestionably a blur above the city Thursday. Hosted by Journey Magazine’s “Fashion Vault”, blazers, suspenders and little black dresses were just a few top and fashionable picks of the night.

Beginning with an empowering ascent toward the entrance of the venue, with the addition of excellent lighting and an ingenious layout, Recess had a way of making everyone feel like royalty. This, combined with the semi-formal dress code, leads to an unspoken expectation for something grand to take place.  

Located at College Town, Fashion Vault hostesses’ Keturah Fudge and Victory Curry were in agreeance that they picked the perfect spot.

“Everyone knows that Recess is the venue. It’s so beautiful out here, so without a doubt we had to make this our first debut,” Curry said.


Fudge shared the same sentiments, “It’s so classy, and I love that it’s a rooftop. Everything is so tropical and it gives me the type of vibe that makes me feel like I’m back home in Miami.”

Apparently, judging the night in retrospect, they weren’t the only ones who felt that way. The momentum of the event elevated swiftly as the crowd expanded and drinks began to fill empty hands.

Rashad Stafford, a host of this successful event, was optimistic that the party would be a memorable one very early on.  When finally tracked down posing for pictures by the bar, all he had to say was: “It’s going to get there. It’s definitely going to get there.”


Shortly thereafter, he was proven correct.  

At midnight, the sounds of recording artist Juvenile oozed through the speakers, transforming the entire environment. In the midst of the madness, LaRhonda Celestin, Fashion Vault Producer, stopped to comment before returning to her duties.

“We got the crowd hype and people are here enjoying themselves,” Celestin said.

At this point things were going exceptionally, and besides a small scuffle that was quickly taken care of, it was a night filled with laughs and a packed dance floor.

When asked about plans of having another event at Recess in the future, Celestin shared her thoughts.    

“Once our episode gets out and everyone sees what we’re working with, and we pub our hosts more, we’re definitely going to do this again, because they’re going to know who we are.”

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